The Crystal Fractal Universe

In 1596 The Crossing happened. 

It was meant to save the world from imminent disaster and imposing threats. Instead it cost Natanael his companions and family. The Crossing - which was an attempt to enter one of the other realms - failed and instead shattered the Crystal Fractal - the mystical construct that was both the gateway and shield separating the primary world from every other world of legend and lore filled with creatures. monsters and beings. 

The Crossing made Hedwig von Olenberg and Natanael de Velazquez immortal - and saw their many companions lost to the time stream. Natanael - with Hedqig's occasional assistance - tries to rescue his lost family and companions while stopping the monsters and beings that break through the portals created by the shattered pieces of the Crystal Fractal as they re-emerge lost in time. The present-day current stories of Natanael are presented in DOCTOR TWILIGHT. 

But before the Crossing... many other things happened... these are the stories of DOCTOR TWILIGHT: THE CROSSING and the TALES OF THE ZERO ISSUE. In the 1500s, Monsignor Ilonus established a secret school at his missionary in Spain. Students were recruited by Hedwig von Olenberg. These students developed their magical abilities and had to assist Ilonus track the Crystal Fractal as it appeared throughout the world empowering magic, and acting as a portal for the many beings of legends and lore and a desire to invade the primary realm. 

ENTROPY and MAGUS REX tell the tales of some of Natanael's lost companions. 

REDORIK is a present day story about a descendant of Natanael living with powers.  

Published titles include: Doctor Twilight, Doctor Twilight: The Crossing, Redorik, Entropy, Crystal Fractal Universe, and Legends of the Sleeping Giant. 

Unpublished titles (still in production) include PELT, Velvet Angel,and Magus Rex. 

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