Monday, December 22, 2008

Crystal Fractal Comics Launches at 2008 Paradise Toronto Comicon; Announces Publication of Six Titles

Toronto, Canada (PRnine - August 6, 2008 ) - In response to the accolades received by its Preview Edition of Crystal Fractal Universe 0.0, Canada-based Crystal Fractal Comics announced that it will be publishing the first six Crystal Fractal Universe titles. These titles are Doctor Twilight, Project Epsilon London Town, Entropy, Magus Rex, Redorik, and Velvet Angel.
“We are excited at the reaction to what is really a preview book,” said Shawn Smith, Creative Director and Head Writer, “and look forward to releasing the first six books within the Crystal Fractal Universe.”

The Preview Edition of Crystal Fractal Universe 0.0, entitled “The Crossing”, was introduced to the public with Crystal Fractal Comics’ launch at the 2008 Paradise Toronto Comicon on July 12th and July 13th. The issue centers on Natanael de Velasquez, a powerful mage who is searching for the remaining members of The Core and The Nine, and main character of the Crystal Fractal title Doctor Twilight. In addition, the Preview Edition also contains a second story featuring Doctor Twilight and a sneak peak of Project Epsilon London Town, which focuses on several descendants of The Core and The Nine.

Crystal Fractal Comics is an up and coming comic book publisher and character licensing company seeking to diversify the industry through the dynamic storylines and characters of its titles. Founded by Derrek S. Lennox, the company aims to become one of the top ten firms in its industry through its online and print comics, toys, and other licensed products. Crystal Fractal Comics is currently headquarted in Toronto, Canada.

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