Monday, January 26, 2009

Zero Issue Chapters...

Recently, I was asked "why are the Zero Issue Chapters" coming to us out of order?

For that I answered "what do you mean? Doesn't 5 and 6 come BEFORE 1?" And then I was booed...

To straighten a few things out: I liked the movie Memento (the one about a guy with no short-term memory that gets told backwards until we finally get to the reveal)... and while I didn't want to "copy that", I thought: why not have a story where elements pop up, and can be read in virutally any order and the telling still makes sense... ?

Grandios Vision? Easy way to Cheat a production schedule? Not sure yet... but I know the more you know about the Zero Issue Chapters, the more you learn about the universe overall... and the deeper the story gets...

Let me know if it is working... oh, and Chapter 1 was just posted... more chapters to come!


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