Saturday, July 10, 2010

History of Doctor Twilight...

Why waste a good interview.... several weeks back I was interviewed for an article at the Fan Appreciation Convention June 2010 (which was mildly attended, although it was great that a future generation of new comic readers walked the halls and bought the odd book - including copies of Doctor Twilight 001 and The Crossing 001). While the article was cut for space (cut entirely) I am including it here since it did give a good background on Doctor Twilight. The interviewer's name has been changed for copyright reasons... or something like that...

Int: So, how long ago did you create Doctor Twilight? With all of the speak of Twilight, and Doctor Who, and even the Doctor from Twilight... is Doctor Twilight a grab at those properties?

Derrek: Great question. I was beginning to feel the same thing - doing internet searches for "Doctor Twilight" I keep getting references for "The Twilight" storyline in Doctor Who, Twilight the series, etc... so it is a little unfortunate. Doctor Twilight actually was created in the early 1990s (I have dated sketchbooks as far as that goes) with a different costume (which will be posted shortly). But, as I began to move forward, thought that the costume looked a little too much like a cross between SPAWN and Doctor Strange, and so had another artist in early 2000's take a crack at it.

Int: And that was the costume that was originally presented in "Crystal Fractal Universe" 0.0?

Derrek: Exactly. The big brown shoulder pads, and a grey suit, no real boots, etc... but after running it past a few people, it didn't fly so to speak. So that costume - along with the old one - will show up once in a while... but the new design... drawn by Allison Borges... is the one we went with.

Int: A little more stylized?

Derrek: Actually, a little more TV ready. We wanted to make the transition to a TV show or movie easy enough with a look that was already suitable: a trenchcoat rather than a cape, a black T-shirt, black pants - but the same crystal imbedded in his chest.

Int: Are we going to see the old costume anytime soon?

Derrek: Keep an eye out for it posted on the website!

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