Tuesday, August 23, 2011


As a fan and sometimes dabbler in the industry, I am applauding the recent decision to relaunch the DC Universe. The universe has always been interesting, intriguing, and often organic. However, it has been befuddled with continuity gaps, conflicts, and abstract ongoings. Past revamps (from Crisis to Zero Hour to 52 to Crisis again) have attempted to rejiggle continutiny (or undo it) in an attempt to please the reader. This has been with mixed results. Did my favourite pre-crisis story with Creeper ever actually happen? Did my next favourite story with Hawk-Man, post crisis but pre Zero Hour? etc...

So now, they are relaunching not quite from scratch, but as if we started today with the new DC universe.

Some of the titles look great. I am especially anxious to check out Grifter, Deathstroke and the Western Anthology featuring Jonah Hex to see how they have integrated some of the different universe characters into one universe.

I wonder - thought - if at the end of a year or so, we will discover that this was all in fact ONE of the 52 Universes created through the past 52/Countdown series (say "Earth 29" if that wasn't already taken) and all of the old titles will return featuring Earth One stories... (somewhere between Marvel's strategies with the Counter Earth decades ago, and the Ultimate Universe almost as far back, but which lasted much longer)... or will decision this simply depend on sales?

We shall see... either way, it should make for some interesting reading.


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