Friday, November 2, 2012

Thanks to 'Jn4nier' for donating to the 'Redorik' campaign!

We just recently started up a campaign through Indie Go Go in hopes of completing our Redorik comic as a 96-page graphic novel, and we're very pleased to have the support of not only the Crystal Fractal Comics family, but from our fans as well.

One in particular, "Jn4nier," donated $35 to our campaign yesterday, purchasing the "Redorik Supporter" perk. Because of their help, we've moved a little closer to our goal, which is spectacular because while the project was nearly on the proverbial backburner indefinitely, I never stopped feeling it was an importance piece of the Crystal Fractal Universe and the totality of its puzzle. To thank "Jf4nier," and anyone else who contributes as a donor to our campaign, we've got a great list of bonuses for fans generous enough to promote Redorik. With the "Redorik Supporter" perk "Jf4nier" will be getting a signed copy of the Redorik trade paperback, featuring all the names of the creators involved with the projects. As a bonus with the perk, "Jf4nier" will also receive a signed comic of his choice from our library, which will also feature the signatures of any creator involved.

Showing our appreciation for fans' contributions is the least we can do, and we hope these perks and the stories we're trying to tell excite you as much they do us. Thanks to everyone, as usual, for your continued support and be sure to check out our Indie Go Go campaign page to learn more about what other perks are available to you should you choose to contribute.

Thanks again everyone, and stay tuned!


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