Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Crystal Fractals New Year!

We're well into the 2013 swing of things, and we hope you've all enjoyed the time you spent with your friends and families over the holidays. But with them having come to a close, it's time to get back down to work.

Over the last little while you've seen a lot of our content, specifically on our Redorik series which was the focus of our recent Indiegogo campaign. As the year progresses, despite the campaign not going the way we would have liked, you can be sure that you'll be seeing Justin Henderson again at some point this year.

In the meantime, we need a little help. We need anyone and everyone to spread the word about Crystal Fractal Comics. We've established a strong presence on Facebook and Twitter in the last year, and we'd really love to have the chance to interact even more with all of our fans throughout the social media sphere. We have a lot coming up, and you'll be able to find everything about our upcoming projects there.

So what exactly is coming up, you ask? Well, we're just waiting on some letterering edits for Dr. Twilight #2, but it's otherwise ready to go! Jeff Haas has turned in a great script for the second part of this story featuring Crystal Fractals' main character in Dr. Twilight. The issue has been a long time coming, and we're really looking forward to getting issue two into your hands and onto your computer screens. If you've been following this blog, you'll have also seen a number of pencilled pages from Daniel Panero Bertucci. He's been hard at work finishing off the artwork for his and Dino Caruso's latest additions to the Magic stories featured in the first two issues of The Crossing. We're very much looking forward to the finished product, which promises to flesh out the world we're building a little bit more, introduce you to some characters and highlight just how far they'll go to obtain power.
In the coming weeks we're going to be chatting with a number of CFC team members, including Daniel and Jeff, as well as CFC Publisher Derrek Lennox. I'm excited to hear the latest from them about all of our projects, and I hope you are too.

As for what 2013 holds for us, we're aiming high. We're hoping to attend a convention or two, while our books are going to be appearing in more and more stores across Toronto to start. You can currently find our books at Silver Snail, The Comic Book Lounge, Paradise Comics, Altered States (Mississauga), Stadium Comics (Brampton), and the Big B location in Niagara. We also want to seriously push our comics digitally throughout 2013, a huge part of any indie comic ventures. We're looking forward to what the year holds. Our 2012 was strong, and we're excited by the possibilities of what 2013 may bring.

Chat soon!


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