Monday, December 22, 2008

Jeff Haas to Write first story arcs for Crystal Fractal Comics’ Upcoming Titles “Doctor Twilight” and “Entropy”

Crystal Fractal Comics continues meeting fan demands by extending the agreement with Jeff Haas on both Entropy and Doctor Twilight.

Toronto, Canada (October 3, 2008) - Canada-based comic book publisher Crystal Fractal Comics announced that it has extended the agreement for Jeff Haas – writer and co-plotter for the first issues of Entropy and Doctor Twilight – to script the complete first arcs for both books. The series are planned for solicitation in late 2008.

“We are extremely excited to have Jeff stay on and finish the plots that he and I outlined,” says Derrek Lennox, founder and Editor-in-Chief of Crystal Fractal Comics, “We believe that his deep understanding of the characters (some of which he created) and his interpretation of the Crystal Fractal Universe will be the perfect complement to both series.”

Entropy focuses on Domenico Poisson, one of the Core and the Nine turned immortal as a result of the Crossing, and his search for his long lost brother, Lucas Poisson, whom was trapped in the 15th Level of Hell centuries ago. Denying Doctor Twilight’s assistance, Domenico has built team after team to try to rescue Lucas, with no success. This time, he recruits individuals with a specific motivation to topple the leadership of the realm where Lucas was last seen. This book is filled with twists and turns, and is expected to showcase the biggest twist that the Crystal Fractal Universe will see in its first year!

Doctor Twilight focuses on the immortal Natanael de Velazquez, a.k.a. Doctor Twilight, as he fights to undo the wrongs of his past and reverse the Crossing. To do so, he must release his past companions and relatives, many of whom are still trapped in the time stream and whom can only be released from the time stream through manipulation of crystal fractal shards – most of which transformed into relics and artifacts by other members of the Core and the Nine that do not want the Crossing to be reversed.

In addition to Doctor Twilight and Entropy, Crystal Fractal Comics is planning on releasing four other titles in the coming months: Project Epsilon London Town, Magus Rex, Redorik and Velvet Angel. Like Entropy and Doctor Twilight, all of these titles focus on The Core and The Nine, the key players of the fictional Crystal Fractal Universe.

Crystal Fractal Comics is an up and coming comic book publisher and character licensing company seeking to diversify the industry through the dynamic storylines and characters of its titles. Founded by Derrek S. Lennox, the company aims to become one of the top ten firms in its industry through its online and print comics, toys, and other licensed products. Crystal Fractal Comics is currently headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

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