Monday, December 22, 2008

Jonathan Bryans to Write “Zero Issue Chapter” for Crystal Fractal Comics featuring “The Cheng Brothers”

Crystal Fractal Comics continues meeting fan demands by adding Zero Issue Chapters to its repertoire of online offerings.

Toronto, Canada (October 3, 2008) - Canada-based comic book publisher Crystal Fractal Comics announced that it has signed Jonathan Bryans – creator and writer of acclaimed “NGuard” – to write a Zero Issue chapter featuring the Cheng Brothers.

“We are extremely excited to have Jon on board,” says Derrek Lennox, founder and Editor-in-Chief of Crystal Fractal Comics, “His work on NGuard is phenomenal and commercially successful in both Europe and North America, and we expect to see him do more work through Crystal Fractal Comics beyond this first Zero Issue chapter.”

The Zero Issue program features introductory stories of the characters that were involved in the Crossing – or whom didn’t even make it but were expected to. The series will be published online in a semi-monthly schedule and will be collected into a trade paper back at the end of the initial run, featuring characters that will have long-reaching impacts on the Crystal Fractal Universe. The Cheng Brothers have a long involved past with both Doctor Twilight and Leviathan – an enigmatic but uncharacteristically vastly well-informed participant at the Crossing – and will be highly influential in the outcome of the Crossing – should they make it!
In addition to the Zero Issue program. Crystal Fractal Comics is planning on releasing six published comicbook titles in the coming months: Doctor Twilight, Entropy, Project Epsilon London Town, Magus Rex, Redorik and Velvet Angel. Like the Zero Issue Chapters, all of these titles focus on The Core and The Nine, the key players of the fictional Crystal Fractal Universe.

Crystal Fractal Comics is an up and coming comic book publisher and character licensing company seeking to diversify the industry through the dynamic storylines and characters of its titles. Founded by Derrek S. Lennox, the company aims to become one of the top ten firms in its industry through its online and print comics, toys, and other licensed products. Crystal Fractal Comics is currently headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

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