Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Crystal Fractal Comics Wizard World Toronto wrap-up

Kieron O'Gorman(artist), Dino Caruso(writer), Shawn Smith(writer), Shawn Richison(artist), Derrek Lennox(creator/founder/publisher), Andrew Uys(writer) and Andrew Ardizzi(Senior Editor) pose for a group photo at the Crystal Fractal Comics booth April 15 at Wizard World Toronto.

 It was an amazing weekend for me at Wizard World Toronto, being my first experience as an exhibitor with Crystal Fractal Comics. Although I’ve attended several comic conventions over the last two years both as a fan and while reporting for Comic Book Daily, it was a different experience this time around as I spent much of the weekend behind our booth’s tables talking to fans, media and anyone with even a passing interest in the Crystal Fractals line of comics.

We had a lot of successes this weekend. We sold plenty of books from our table on both Saturday and Sunday, and are glad people were willing to spend their hard earned money on our work and give our books a chance. We really care about and believe in the potential our stories have; I received numerous comments that we have an interesting, well thought out plan for our universe. We appreciate the support we’ve been getting from shops and fans alike.

In that regard we have some fantastic news! Not only are a slew of reviews from various small press outlets coming from the likes of Tdot Comics, Pop-Culture Hype and Jack and Pookie Publishing, but our books are now available in Stadium Comics in Brampton, while Walter Durajlija, owner of Big B Comics, took a number books on consignment and they will soon be available in Big B Niagara once the store opens. Definitely be on the look out for those if you’re in those areas. Aside from that, Derrek and I had a great meeting with a cultural committee representative from a First Nations band about doing a similar project to our The Legend of the Sleeping Giant one-shot. There will be more news on that as the process moves forward, but all parties involved are very excited about the possibilities.

More than anything though it was great to meet up with some old faces. Derrek Lennox, Shawn Smith, Dino Caruso, Jae Korim, Kieron O’Gorman, Andrew Uys and myself gathered together for the first time, as what I suppose what we can call the “CFC collective,” for a group photo April 15 in the early minutes of the show. Even beyond those gentlemen, I met another CFC artist, Sam Agro for the first time, as well as Shawn Richison, an artist from Hamilton. We all reacquainted with Jessie Lam, a colourist for The Crossing #2 cover and long time friend to Jae. I also caught up with friends Marvin Law and Conor McCreery.

Thanks again to everyone who came out this weekend, and thanks to Derrek, Shawn, Dino, Kieron and Jae for manning the table with me and making the event an enjoyable experience. As for what’s next, definitely stay tuned for news both on our Twitter and Facebook pages. There you’ll find links to reviews, updates on new projects and where you can find your own copies of the books laying the foundation of the Crystal Fractal Universe.
Take care!

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