Sunday, July 1, 2012

If we OWNED Spider-Man and Superman!

If we owned SPIDER-MAN and SUPERMAN we would do a cross-over to end all cross-overs...

The series would be WHAT IF? meets ELSEWORLDS...

What makes SPIDER-MAN who he is? "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility"

What makes SUPERMAN who he is? "...raised with wholesome family values..."

What if that changed?

What would happen?

If Crystal Fractal Comics owned SPIDER-MAN and SUPERMAN we would do a What If? / Elseworlds story where Ben and May Parker are driving through the fields of Connecticut on the way back to their place in New York... a meteor lands causing the truck they were driving to spin out of control.

They climb from their wreckage to find a small boy with extreme strength.

They bring the boy home, and call him Clark. He is raised with good family values and is told with great power comes great responsibility. And this is told again and again as May and Ben discover early on that their son, Clark, has a lot of strong powers.

Several years later, Peter Parker's parents die in a tragic accident and Peter Parker moves in with May, Ben and their son, Clark, and is raised as a brother.

Sibling rivalry. No longer raised with two-on one attention.

Clark becomes high-school football champion, letterman, all-around, all-American boy. While he is a few years older, he and Flash become friends as Flash looks up to Clark.

Peter, on the other hand, sinks further and further into his studies. While encouraged by Uncle Ben and Aunt May to be himself, they do slip into the habit of comparing Peter to Clark. Clark sticks up for him most of the time, but once in a while finds himself teasing his "younger brother." Clark, discovers some of his heritage and adopts the secret identity of Superman!

On a fateful field trip, Peter is bitten by a radio-active spider and finds himself with the powers of a spider!

Peter discovers his powers and enters into a wrestling contest and wins. Meanwhile, a robber escapes but is easily thwarted by Superman who flies in to save the day, even though Peter, now a wrestler, let him go.

Superman continues to become a super-hero, and Spider-Man continues to become a professional wrestler earning money and fame. Clark confronts Peter and Peter eventually admits he is the wrestler but agrees not to tell May and Ben if Peters tells them himself.

Peter doesn't. But Clark is distracted with being a hero and doesn't rush to tell them. The agency that had hired Peter's parents learn of Peter's abilities and approach him to work for them. He does. Along the way he works with people like Bullseye, Sandman and Scorpion on some missions that are rather unsavoury, calling his team, the ThunderBolts: Heroes for Hire.

Clark finds that his major nemesis is Kingpin and continues to thwart his plans teaming up with the likes of Daredevil, IronMan, and Hawkeye - forming the Avengers. The Avengers becomes a global organization sponsored by the U.N. More heroes join.

Spider-Man and his team of mercenaries - which includes Silver Sable, Power-Man, Iron Fist, Bullseye and Moon Knight - skirt the law, but are usually on the right side of it.

Following an unfortunate event, the U.N implements a plan suggested by the USA and Canada, co-led by Henry Peter Gyrich, James Hudson, and Senator Kelly. This plan involves the Super-Powered Registration Act and the creation of Sentinels.

The plan - and the Act - create a Civil War that pits Spider-Man against Superman. The Kingpin secretly hires Spider-Man's team, and has a block of Green Kryptonite delivered to Scorpion and Bullseye. In the final battle, sibling rivalry, built in with various levels of hatred between the groups, has Superman finally die as a result of the Green Kryptonite weakening him right before the arrival of Doomsday!

As Superman dies, Spider-Man finally learns the meaning of "with Great Power Comes Great Responsibility"  reveals his identity, and registers with the Act. He then joins Iron Man, inviting some of the ThunderBolts who join him, while others do not. He takes on a new costume to honour Superman and lives to watch his Uncle Ben, now proud of him, die of a Heart attack, further building in the lesson.

Then, Superman returns, and the two work together to face the war of the Skrull!

(we had other less "happy ending" versions, but felt that this version would appeal to the current property owners, fans and our own creative juices!)

Most of the above characters are (c) and TM Marvel.
Doomsday and Superman are (c) and TM DC. 

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