Monday, June 4, 2012

The Crystal Fractal Universe So Far...

At conventions, we are often asked if and how the books of the CFU interrelate.

Well, to answer: all of the Crystal Fractal Universe books interrelate. In some way or another... some directly, and some add to the thickness of the background story...

This blog will be updated (or replaced) as new chapters of the overall story are added... think of it like MEMENTO... as more chapters are released, the story becomes clear...

so far... in Chronological order...

  • Doctor Twilight The Crossing 001   (published in 2010) 
  • Doctor Twilight The Crossing 002   (published in 2011)
  • Crystal Fractal Universe 0.0   (published in 2008)  
  • Doctor Twilight 001   (published in 2010) 
  • Entropy 001   (published in 2011) 
  • Doctor Twilight 002 (coming FALL 2012!!)
  • Redorik 001 (published in 2011) 

More to come!


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