Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New 'Crossing #3' pages from Daniel!

Last week we caught up and chatted with "The Crossing" artist Daniel Panero Bertucci, and this week we have some new pages from Daniel for the forthcoming third issue of The Crossing!

The third issue of one of our flagship books will feature two new stories from Dino Caruso set within the 1560s and will focus on the main characters of the CFU while they're still in school. Dino and Daniel's Magic stories have appeared in the first two issues of the book, and this third issue will round out our early introductions to the principal characters of the Crystal Fractal Universe!

These images are some of the last pages from the "Elizabeth Arrives" story, a short comic introducing the ever conniving Elizabeth Windsor into the little cabal of magic practitioners Ilonus began in order to preserve the balance of the world's mystical portals. As you can see from the pages, her arrival hardly goes smoothly. Enjoy!

In this page Natanael and the boys find themselves in a fair bit of trouble after the previous page, where one of the character's over zealousness resulted in a demon finding its way into their dimension. Thinking quickly, they erect a defensive shield while trying to plot their next move.

Luckily for the children, Master Ilonus arrives in a nick of time, sending the poor ghoul packing to the dimensional wasteland he came from.

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