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Kieron O'Gorman, Dino Caruso, Shawn Smith, Shawn Richison, Derrek Lennox, Andrew Uys, Andrew Ardizzi

Crystal Fractal Comics is a Toronto-based comic book publishing company. The company was founded in 2007 by Publisher and full-time comic book fan Derrek Lennox, while its first comic was released at the Paradise Toronto Comic Con in 2008. Crystal Fractal Universe #0 was well received, and soon after the company announced a wave of future titles aimed at expanding the "Crystal Fractal Universe" (CFU). In 2010 the first of those titles was released in the form of first issues for Dr. Twilight #1 and The Crossing #1. Crystal Fractal Comics continued its expansion in 2011 with the release of four new titles, including the second issue in The Crossing series, and the first issues of Jeff Haas' Entropy series and Howard Wong's Redorik series. With its latest wave of comics, the company also released its first in a series of First Nations comics in The Legend of the Sleeping Giant.

The Legend of the Sleeping Giant is a comic about an old Ojibway legend, deriving from an adaptation of the story as told by a Fort William First Nation elder. The comic chronicles the story of how Thunder Bay, Ontario's "Sleeping Giant" came into existence, set upon a backdrop of continued conflict between the Ojibway and Sioux. The intent of this book was to help encourage youth literacy among First Nations youth, an initiative that has been well received. Crystal Fractal Comics' work was even featured during a symposium on First Nations education, and has also been handed out to classrooms in Thunder Bay high schools.

The company is currently hard at work, preparing the expansion of its comic book line, its move into digital comics and the continuation of its "Legends..." series of First Nations adaptations.

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