The Crystal Fractals Team

Derrek Lennox
CFC Founder/Publisher Derrek Lennox
Derrek Lennox: Derrek is a lifelong comic book fan who began conceiving the Crystal Fractal Universe while in high school. After many years of planning, concept designs and plot construction, Derrek launched Crystal Fractal Comics in 2007 and released its first comic book, Crystal Fractal Universe #0, at the Spring 2008 Paradise Toronto Comic Con.

Working as the company's Publisher, Derrek has since overseen the release five additional titles set within the CFU, and continues to expand his universe with forthcoming titles such as Dr. Twilight #2 and The Crossing #3.

Derrek has also spearheaded the publication of First Nations legends, beginning with the Legend of the Sleeping Giant one-shot comic book released in 2011. The comic is based off a Thunder Bay, Ontario legend and was published in coordination with Fort William First Nation.

CFC Senior Editor Andrew Ardizzi
Andrew Ardizzi: Andrew has been working with Crystal Fractal Comics since September 2011, signing on as the company's Senior Editor. He quickly jumped into the thick of things, editing all four of Crystal Fractal Comics' 2011 releases -- The Crossing #2, Redorik #1, Entropy #1 and The Legend of the Sleeping Giant -- while coordinating public appearances with Derrek across Toronto at Silver Snail, Paradise Comics, One Million Comix, The Speakeasy Comic Book show and Wizard World Toronto 2012.

Andrew also works as the company's Social Media Manager, coordinating all social media efforts, keeping the Crystal Fractals community lively through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and the company blog. Andrew dreams of the day he grows a second head, so he can literally wear two hats.

Dino Caruso: Dino has been working with Crystal Fractal Comics for longer than most can remember. His work as script writer first appeared when chapters of the Zero Issue were posted "free" on various website - including this one! They were collected along with new stories (that Dino also wrote) and included in the Doctor Twilight: The Crossing books 1 and 2. Dino has more stories written waiting to be published mostly featuring the Crystal Fractal Universe of the 1500s.


Jian Yi 
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Jae Korim 
Jonathan Hand
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Pedro Maia
Kieron O'Gorman
Thony Silas
Daniel Panero Bertucci
Alisson Borges da Costa
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Martin Niz 
Katrina Mae How
Santosh Kumar Rath 
Roland Saldivar


Dino Caruso 
Shawn Smith 
Jack Kovac
Jeff Haas
Jon Bryans
Andrew Uys 
Howard Wong 
Dean Burns
Derrek Lennox

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