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Crystal Fractal Universe #0
This is the book that started it all! Crystal Fractal Universe #0 was published in 2008 and focuses on the event that sets off the entire Crystal Fractal Universe. It's 1596 and Master Ilonus' top student Natanael de Velazquez -- Doctor Twilight -- has gathered some of the most powerful sorcerers in the world. But while 40 were invited to "The Crossing," only 15 arrived. The group aspired to reach the first level of hell -- the dream realm. But when something goes terribly wrong, none of their lives will ever be the same.

This issue includes the seven page story of how Doctor Twilight's ambition brought the team together, and how their desire for knowledge and power scattered them through the timestream. Also included is a preview to Dr. Twilight #1, along with previews to Project Epsilon and Entropy.

Dr. Twilight: The Crossing #1: In 1596 Natanael de Velazquez's life was forever changed. In the aftermath of "The Crossing," many of his friends were lost to the timestream, while he himself returned to the present with newfound immortality. The Crossing highlights the stories of the characters whose lives are tied intricately to Natanael's past, whom resolve to join him and help him shape their future. The first issue features a collection of writers including Dino Caruso and J. Robert Bryans who highlight the lives of those invited to "The Crossing," chronicling their decisions to either attend the gathering or decline Natanael's offer. Over 40 sorcerers were invited, but only 15 arrived. Find out who arrived, and for one reason another, why some didn't t in the pages of The Crossing.

Featured stories include In the Beginning (Dean Burns), Magic 101 (Dino Caruso), The Brothers Cheng (J. Robert Bryans), Gossamir and Cats (Dino Caruso) and Alder's Last Call (Dino Caruso) with art by Daniel Panero and Kieron O'Gorman.
Dr. Twilight: The Crossing #2: Continue your discovery of the Crystal Fractal Universe! In 1596 Natanael de Velazquez brought together a group of sorcerers with the intent of crossing over into the realm of dreams. Learn how each of those attended -- and those who didn't quite make it -- came to meet on that fateful in Baguio, Philippines. This second installment in the CFU's prequel stories expands the universe even more, introducing readers formally to Raja, Natanael's son Sebastian, the conniving Elizabeth Windsor, Gaspar Fausto and The Russian, while expanding Hedwig's and the Cheng brothers' stories. Dino Caruso returned to the CFU with two new stories, in addition to contributions by Shawn Smith, Derrek Lennox and Andrew Uys.

Featured stories include The Emissary: Ringside (Dino Caruso), Elizabeth Windsor: A little bird told me (Derrek Lennox), Gaspar finds the Russian (Shawn Smith), Magic 001: Hedwig and the Witch (Dino Caruso) and The Cheng Brothers: Arrival (Andrew Uys).
Dr. Twilight #1: After 400 years, if Natanael de Velazquez has learned anything from his unexpected immortality, it's that actions come with a cost. Since the ill-fated "Crossing," Natanael has attempted to reconcile his mistakes by trying to track down each of the dimensional barriers -- embodied in special gems called the "Crystal Fractals" -- so that he can right his horrible wrong, but more importantly so he can find his long lost daughter Angelita. The first issue of the series follows Natanael into Shamballa, a mystical world overrun by Lucious' minions. What awaits him on the other side he hardly expected, throwing a monkey wrench into his plans of finding his daughter.

The first of this two-part arc is written by Jeff Haas, with Alisson Borges on pencils/inks and Gabriela Alves on colours.

Entropy #1: In 1596, Domenico and Lucas Poisson joined Doctor Twilight in Baguio for "The Crossing," but once Natanael's gathering went awry, the two brothers were pulled into another dimension once portals began opening up. Left stranded for centuries, eventually the two nearly escaped. While Domenico was able to open a portal to Earth and escaped, Lucas was pulled back by the dimension's demonic hordes. For nearly 180 years Domenico has attempted to return to the dimension, hoping to finally rescue his brother. Each time he succeeds a little bit more, but always comes up short. Domenico has now formed a new team and plans another assault on the dimension, hoping beyond hope to be finally reunited with his beloved brother.

Dr. Twilight writer Jeff Haas returns to pen this tale of two brothers, with artwork Conan Momchilov on pencils/inks and Katrina Mae Hao on colours.

Redorik #1: Justin Henderson was a normal young man. His best friend's name is Al, his crush's name is Jessica and the jerk who keeps bullying him is named Mark. Justin's also a star member of his high school's swim team, which makes his recurring nightmares all the more strange. Justin began to dream about diving into a pool that empties as he nears the bottom, all the while a dark voice calls out his name. What's worse is that he's begun to hear the voice when his awake, and without realizing it at first he begins to act more and more out of character. Tack on some blossoming mystical powers, and you get a story about a young would be hero who's taken down the dark road towards either pinnacle of heroism, or the lowest dregs of darkness.

Redorik is written  by Howard Wong (After the Cape), with art by Pedro Maia.

The Legend of Sleeping Giant: The Legend of the Sleeping Giant was the first of many planned comic book one-shots which aim to celebrate the histories and legends of First Nations culture. This story is based off Thunder Bay, Ontario's Sleeping Giant legend, while the book was published by Crystal Fractal Comics who partnered with Fort William First Nation to produce the comic whose story is based from a telling by a Fort William Elder. The aim of the project is to not only celebrate First Nations culture, but to encourage literacy and preserve these founding cultures for future generations.

The story was adapted by Dean Burns, with art by Mansjur Daman. Ojibway artist Kevin Belmore also contributed a piece of his First Nations artwork to the inside front cover of this fantastic and well-received comic that has been handed out to various Thunder Bay area high schools and was featured at a 2012 Simcoe County Catholic School Board symposium on First Nations education in Ontario schools.                     

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