Thursday, November 1, 2012

Love Redorik? Help complete the story!

Back in October 2011, we released four new books for everyone's enjoyment. We love these stories and the work we and the creators behind them have accomplished, but being in independent comics poses its own challenges. More than anything, we know the fans of our work are the driving force behind our continued ability to publish and expand our universe -- a universe I believe in completely. Of those newly released books from a year ago, we released issue one of a story we're all really excited about both on its own merits as an interesting character study but for its implications for the greater universe.

The Redorik series, developed by Derrek and penned by the incomparable Howard Wong, focuses on a teenage boy named Justin Henderson. The first issue brings us into his world and we quickly find that not everything is as it seems -- between his sketchy friendship, tenuous at best social standing at school and the strange voice he hears in his head, Justin faces considerably steeper challenges than we can begin to imagine. This is even before he develops his powers. In the last few months though we've had to make some tough choices. With four different series, we've had to limit the books we try to put out for you guys because quite simply, independent comics are a tough medium and it takes a lot of luck and a dedicated fan base to succeed if you're not in the top one or two tiers of the comic book publishing industry. Perhaps you've seen some postings over at our Facebook page, but a lot of what we've been working towards has been placing Dr. Twilight and The Crossing as our primary titles, while working to finish the first part of the Entropy story over the next two issues before bringing it and the Dr. Twilight story together. Economically, we have to.

As much as we loved Redorik, its publishing became a casualty, a matter of resources, time and whether we can get Howard to finish plotting the conclusion of the story. Derrek and I refuse to give up on the book though, and that's where our loyal fans come in. We need your help. Through IndieGoGo we've started a campaign in hopes of getting this great project completed. Fan driven projects are quickly gaining momentum, and we hope fans of our books will show similar support for the Redorik series.

Check out the campaign page to learn more about the project, the incentives available to you if you donate and how you can further show your support for Crystal Fractal Comics.

Indie GoGo - Redorik trade edition campaign

Thanks again for all the support you've shown us, and we can't wait until we can show you what's coming next!


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